The havoc that pandemic created worldwide has changed the perspective in many ways including how we do business. It is indeed a debated topic currently, whether it has done worse or good to mankind. Again, it depends on what perspective we look from. While we talk about the worst, we cannot ignore the other ways pandemics have taught us to survive. It was during these times that Menuco came into existence, to grow your business online.

Menuco is helping businesses to grow by providing a website, an online ordering system, and apps for your business. We are unique from mobile app development or website builder companies. We don't even charge a single penny on payment transactions. We provide a CMS portal along with the website. You can easily change the discounts, adding/deleting the products, opening and closing time of your business, delivery range, and many other features. With one click you can implement any feature in your whole system. Menuco will look after the hosting, all you have to do is run your business. Any problems our support staff are there for you!

We have a team to build attractive, low cost apps for small and medium-sized businesses.
We are providing email and chat support to our clients. We have an excellent customer support to handle client's queries.

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