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Menuco is the only company in the digital world to provide you with not only your presence and place in the digital world but also to support the transition of your business by providing food ordering systemfor your precious and loyal customers.

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Food ordering system is not limited to takeaway shops or just any kind of food industry-based system. This system can be used by any business that falls under the distribution channel.

Additionally, food ordering system is such a robust tool for businesses which can handle a complicated task into a very easy free flow of the process.

Furthermore, this food ordering system is a flexible tool that it can fit into any kind of requirement or ‘need of the hour’ for any business. To elaborate, this system or a software is not limited to taking orders or canceling them. food ordering system has limitless ways to be flexible according to the need of the user.

During this transition the team can just sit back and relax and Menuco will design the ordering system according to your requirement.

We offer the best food ordering platforms for any kind of food and beverage related businesses such as:

  • Coffee Shops

  • Takeaways

  • Restaurants

  • Juice joints

  • Fast food joints

  • Ice-cream parlours

  • Bakeries

App Notification

We provide in-app notification in the food ordering system. As soon as someone gets an order the notification pops up with a sound.


We give the whole delivery control to the business owner:

  • A business owner can change the delivery range according to their business.

  • They can change the delivery price of the business.

  • Customers can enjoy both the feature the pickup and delivery according to their convenience.

  • We have added cash on the delivery feature as well.

  • A business owner can set the delivery time according to the product.

Secure payment gateway

We set the best payment gateway for your business

  • The payment gateway accepts all the types of payment methods available in the market.

  • With one click you can choose any payment method and pay according to your convenience. You can choose Cash on delivery too.

Benefits of creating a food ordering system with us

  • Menuco does not charge on any transaction. However, there is minimal fees involved which goes towards the maintenance cost of website and mobile application.

  • Irrespective of your business niche, we have designed the best online ordering platforms for every niche of business. We customized the system according to your requirement.

  • Free upgradation of software on regular interval with technical support.

  • Features to add/delete the products, categories, and subcategories.

  • Businesses can also select the delivery timing and closing timing of theirs stores.

  • We use some advanced AI technology. If the customer wants some particular product, then he/she will directly search that product on the website or application.

A tailor-made food ordering system is waiting for you to help you save your day.

Menuco, is the only superhero in the digital market that can help you save your day from all the complicated, time-consuming tasks.

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